Tips For Shopping On Amazon

Tips For Shopping On Amazon

ecommerce-online-store-savings Shopping on Amazon, which is one of the world’s leading online retailers, is a simple process. However, a lot of people leave with bad experiences that sour them on using the site ever again. The issues are usually down to a misunderstanding of how it works however. With just a bit of cursory knowledge under your belt, you can improve your experience with Amazon greatly. Once you’re able to navigate more successfully and keep your eye on a few key items, you’ll be able to find a ton of what you need in your life for great prices without even having to go anywhere.

Tip 1 – Look For Items Sold By Amazon Directly

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know; Amazon offers third party sellers the chance to list their own items and sell through the site. Those listings will turn up in your searches sometimes. Other competing online retailers have the same functionality, but Amazon seems to take the most heat for it. However, you can avoid any potential problems with third-party sellers by avoiding them altogether if you wish.


To do so, simply look for the bold text “ships and sold from” somewhere on the product page. It’s usually up top, near the pricing information. Anything sold directly by the Amazon company is guaranteed to be the real thing and will also arrive at your doorstep quite quickly. To make sure you only see Amazon’s stock in your searches, just look on the left-hand side of the screen and tick the boxes that offer free shipping from Amazon or Prime shipping.

Tip 2 – Take Advantage Of Free Shipping

While the increased lower limit has turned a lot of people off, always remember that purchases of at least $50 will warrant free shipping on Amazon. This is a huge life saver when it comes to your wallet! If you want to make smaller orders and get them quickly, however, you should consider paying for a Prime subscription. wallet-pants-save-shoppingMany people feel as if the $99 annual fee is too much, but you can actually pay a much lower monthly rate and enjoy the same benefits. When you’re a Prime member, you’ll be able to find even lower prices on many key products, ship any Amazon stocked item for free regardless of the core price, and you can enjoy tons of streaming TV shows and movies for no extra cost.

Tip 3 – Utilize Customer Service

Amazon has one of the best customer service departments found anywhere. If there are any problems with your order, whether it’s late shipping, some sort of damage, or even a mix-up, the customer service department will almost always help you out with either a full return or a replacement shipment at no extra cost to you. If you have a problem of any sort, they bend over backward to make sure you’re satisfied. So, if something happens, just use the customer service reporting feature in your account and get it sorted out!